Perhaps it should not surprise us that something extremely familiar as time passes prove that far.

We all seem to know perfectly what is time, that beats to the sound of seconds and munuti hours and the rhythm of our lives. The charm of the clocks struck Vincenzo Salerno that is successful in its work on a specific, visible an abstract thing as time.

Passion born from an early age, with the years he studied, attending courses and gaining certifications in Switzerland, the birthplace of watchmaking.

Since 1989, his laboratory is authorized service provider and a reference throughout Italy.

Commitment and professionalism, these are the qualities that Salerno offers the service of his clients in his workshop in Via Archimede, 316 to Ragusa. An enthusiasm shared by all the staff, who accompanied him in his growth path.

Chosen as the authorized service center by highly prestigious brands that have shaped the history of watchmaking (logos shown on this site are all licensed by the single parent).

The secret of this success lies in the care and love that Vincenzo Salerno and its collaborators engage in their work, continuously perferzionamento, which shows how vocational training is one of the best ways to ensure customer service and cutting-edge all’altrezza their expectations.