A watch is a device that keeps time showing hours, minutes and seconds. It consists of dozens and dozens of tiny, almost microscopic, technical components that allow it to scan time perfectly.

Watchmaker Vincenzo Salerno

Authorized and Certified Assistance Center

Only original parts

Being an authorized center means first of all that maintenance of the complete service is carried out only with original spare parts. Our service is guaranteed with the same quality standards as the parent company. This guarantee is certified for all the prestigious brands indicated on our site.


Our priority is to offer the best possible service and deliver your timepiece in perfect working order. The complete service (eg clock restoration, movement review and polishing) provides a 2-year work guarantee. The partial service (eg a waterproof check) is 1 year. Upon delivery of the watch with full or partial service, we issue a guarantee certificate for the work performed.


Our laboratory performs collection and delivery throughout Italy via a trusted GLS courier. All quotations except for transport are free. Upon receipt of your watch we are able to process the quote within 5 working days.